AME is abbreviation for Assumption of MagnetoElecticity.

Conventionally, It was taken for granted that vectorial motion of scalar charge induces Magnetism.

AME insists that net jet stimulated by spin jet gives Electric force which is also magnetic Lorentz force.

E = v X B

As charge is missing in the above equation, we need charge equation

q =F/E

For centripetal and centrifugal system, net emission rate of stimulated jet is given as follows.

$ dm_1/dt = -C (S_1 . S_2 )/4 \pi r^2 $

where $ S_1 $ and $ S_2 $ is spin angular momentum of central body.

$ S_1 = I_1 \omega + Surface subspin $

Suface subspin is related with charge. then force is given as follows.

$ m_1 dv_1 /dt = C_1 v_1 X S_2 /4 \pi r^2 = q_1 vXB $

velocity-energy relationEdit

If we use magnetoelecticity eq. in energy eq.

$ En = \epsilon E^2 / 2 = B^2 / 2 \mu $

then we have velecity-energy relation ship.

$ v =1/ sqrt( \epsilon \mu) $

It is well known equation which Maxwell eq. had provided for light velocity.

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