WOA05 sea-surf NO3 AYool

Sea surface nitrate from the World Ocean Atlas.


"Present day" (1990s) sea surface DIC concentration (from the GLODAP climatology).

WOA05 sea-surf SAL AYool

Annual mean sea surface salinity for the World Ocean. Data from the World Ocean Atlas 2005.

Carbon genenration has been explained with CNO cycle. Carbon generation based on Antispin pair annihilation need to introduce Baryojet.

Baryojet scenario of Nitrogen generationEdit

Carbon is abundant on Venus and on the earth. With Baryojet, Oxygen might give Nitrogen and even Carbon. This process might be proceeding aminoacid synthesis.

Carbon Fusion ScenarioEdit

With Baryojet, Fusion might happen to some of carbon atom pairs. with additional baryojet, Sodium which is Fourth most abundant element in the sea which is pair of chlorine might be generated.

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