Why Gravity Wikia?[edit source]

In light of the climate crisis and other ecological challenges increasingly facing us, people are becoming more aware than ever about environmental problems and taking more actions to lessen their impacts. However, learning about the environment can often be confusing and overwhelming. There are lots of voices talking about the environment -- activists, governments, companies, advisory groups, and non-profits, to name a few -- all of whom have different ways of explaining things and advising people. They also make their points through a variety of different media from articles to blogs to films to white papers to position papers. It can be hard to find what you are looking for! To compound things, information can also be contradictory: are global warmings good or bad? To what degree?

How Gravity Wikia Helps[edit source]

Gravity Wikia strives to become a trusted central place to share our growing and evolving body of knowledge about solar environmental topics and issues with people who want to inform themselves and live in a more sustainable way.

The Gravity Wikia community also believes that the threats to our environment are real and that they require action. However, the wiki also strives to foster a community where respectful debate and informed viewpoints can be heard.

How is Gravity Wikia Different from Wikipedia?[edit source]

Gravity Wikia content differs from that on Wikipeda in three main ways:

  • The content is written from a gravitational point of view.
  • The content is focused on things you can do.
  • The content is more accessible and relevant to an average reader

How Can I Get Started?[edit source]

There are lots of ways you can contribute to Gravity Wikia!

  • Help out with stubs - Stubs are short articles that can use more content. Take a look at the stubs on Green Wikia and share your knowledge wherever you are inspired!
  • See what articles are wanted - Take a look at the list of wanted articles. Just click the red title to start an article on that topic.
  • Read and share ideas - Stop by the Village Pump to see what others are working on and to share your thoughts for improving Green Wikia.
  • Discuss your thoughts - Want to discuss something specific to an article? Click the Discuss tab for that article to use its talk page.
  • Learn how to use a wiki - If you are new to wikis, the central wiki has a handy tutorial to help you get started.
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