Jet of Earth on the moon Eclipse, penumbra and Earth inside sun surface

Jet of antiparallel spin pair particles from pair anihilation in night time(abbreviated as ASPP PAiNT jet). is a novel concept for the explanation of gravity , as it hasn't been reported to me that there are any ASPP.

Actually, This mechanism was adopted to me for the explanation of the junction tunneling for semiconductor and superconductor. this is third time to use same theory for the explanation of fast pair action.

If Pair particles of Antiparallel spins collides, they should emit jets to accelerate satisfying the momentum conservation law.

Relations between jet and gloabal warming[edit | edit source]

Lunar libration moving picture shows earth orbit outward shift

Simulated views of the Moon over one month, demonstrating librations in latitude and longitude.


It has been argured that grobal warming is due to Greenhouse effect. This site insists that Global warming is due to amplification of jets by the Carbon emissions.

According to  Planet hypothesis of the moon, daytime jets by the industry and transportation don't have effective influence to the earth orbital radius around the moon. but the orbit is shifted to outer space and the gravitational jet of moon-earth system might increase as a result.

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