Electro gravity Insist that surface charge of planet and sun cause astronomical gravitation. Therefore surface charge density cause daily variation of geomagnetic field. Amplitude of oceanic daily variation of geomagnetic field is enough to provide gravitational force.

Top paradox is that it does not fall when rotated. Gyroscope is more certain visual example of top paradox than top is. Balls of many kinds are considered for optical gravity. Surface roughness and spin results in alternate attractive and repulsive forces due to slow response of electric surface polarization.

Law of gravity may be discussed as follows

1. Gravitational force is electric.

2. Gravitational wave is electromagnetic.

3. Gravitational force is integrated value of attractive electric force between surfaces or interfaces of objects

4. Gravitational response is not instantaneous due to relatively slow change of optically polarized electric surface charge distribution.

5. Electric force is magnetic Lorentz force

6. Magnetic force is derived from momentum conservation

Recently, basic mechanics of optical interface refraction has been studied as an interaction between photon and surface photo induced magnetism. Interference of photon seems to be the result of Lorentz force particle theoretically

Equation of gravitational acceleration is given as follows.

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