List of the best known asteroidsEdit

1. Ceres - Considered a planet in 1976, considered an asteroid in 1998, considered a dwarf in 2006. It is the most massive asteroid (a third of the total mass in the Main Asteroid Belt), and largest by diameter (950 km), as well.

2. Gaspra - First asteroid to be seen close-up.

3. Ida - Famous for it's shape and natural satellite called Datcyl. It is the first asteroid to be discovered with a natural satellite.

4. Pallas - One of the largest asteroids in the Solar System, after Vesta, but small compared to a planet.

5. Kleopatra - A doomed, strange and knobbly asteroid with the shape of a dog's bone.

6. Juno - In geometry, this asteroid is the cousin of Jupiter. Also a very large asteroid.

7. Vesta - Is the top largest asteroid (besides Ceres dwarf planet) in the Solar System, but small compared to a planet.

Ida's moon Dactyl is likely a captured asteroid, but it is not considered an asteroid, but considered a natural satellite or moon.