In 12/31/12, Nibiru will be crossing against the Earth and it's moon, Luna. In size comparison, this unlit star is 24 times smaller than our the Sun, Sol. Nibiru, as one of the red dwarves, when comparing in size with the Earth, they are similar in size, but not amount of moons. Nibiru also bring electric on it's top and bottom, and the inner reaches of this red dwarf consists of an atmosphere of helium (only), a small mantle, an outer core and an inner rocky core. As electric is brought, the rock in the mantle extremely slowly decreases, as electric passes through. Nibiru is thought to be 3 times smaller than the Earth. In 2/24/13, it is found that the Earth was not yet ended. The Earth will cross against Nibiru, and a vision of the red dwarf can be seen as a big oblong in the sky. The vision excludes how small is it or how many electrical zaps it has on either top and bottom. It is found in vision with no electrical zaps.