Oxygen fusion might happen in the kitchen of ordinary home producing yellow sluges.

Oxygen fusion scenarioEdit

3D model hydrogen bonds in water

model of hydrogen bonds between molecules of water

Oxygen fusion or Hydro cold fusion might happen in the process of water gravitation.

Photovapor is an analogy of Photoelectron. If incindence angle of photon on the surface of water is very oblique, photovapor from Dangling bond water molecules might have antiparallel spin normal to the incidence plane.

The proton spin of hydrogens should be also antiparallel for Pair annihilation of Hydrogens of W2(Water vaper) which might jet electrons. Further annihilation might happen for antiparallel spin oxygen necleus of W2 which might jet protons.

It's hard to say, secondary gravitation of water vapor pair W2 might give sulfer.

Actually Oxygen fusion is preferable to Baryon jet for electricity generation. Sulfer which might be the result of Oxygen fusion have been found near hot springs. Temperature of water might be important parameter.

Essential elements of sulfer formation are hot water or water vapor and oblique sunlight which might explain sulfer in sweden and hotkaido, Japan.

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In the same place where Sulfur was found, Copper was found also. Copper might be produced through Successive sulfur fusion.

Fusion scenario of Iron generation Edit

In the same place where Sulfur and Copper was found, Iron was found also.

To explain this Iron with fusion scenario is very very hard, because atomic number of Iron is 26 and weight number is 56 instead of 52. Concept of Baryojet might be deduced.

Nitrogen pair which are produced by baryojet from Oxygen jet might give Silicon which is abundant on the crust of earth. Successive fusion of Silicon might

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