As sunlight is incident on the planet like earth obliquely. Electron on the surface gain spins which we call photo spin effect. this effect is the second kind of photo electric effect. Especilly, refraction phenomena of general interfaces are due to the magnetic field produced by this phenomena. It is desirable to use MEL equation to analize the dynamics of light refraction. That is to say, In fig.2 Basic mechanics of optical interface refraction is interaction of photon and surface photo induced magnetism. Incident photons are decelerated and deflected according to MEL equation. We use delta function to ease the problem, surface magnetism can be written as M(z) = Mδ(z). The electric field applied to photon is

E = v μ0Mδ(z) 						           2)

Work of the force reduced the speed of light. magnetism is given as follows

M = mc(n2-1)/(2qμ0n2) 	 		           3)

MEL equation was proved with magneto-jet assumption. and Interference seems to be the result of Lorentz force

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