• {{{fact1}}}?
  • {{{fact2}}}?
  • {{{fact3}}}?
  • {{{fact4}}}?
  • {{{fact5}}}?
  • {{{fact6}}}?
  • {{{fact7}}}?
  • {{{fact8}}}?

How to use this template Edit

To use this template to add a group of 8 facts:

  1. Copy and paste the text in the box below into the next free slot on page Portal:Energy/Did you know.
  2. Complete the details after the = signs and save the page.
  3. Locate the code {{Random portal component|max=XX|header=Did you know? on the main energy portal portal page (XX will be a number)
  4. Increment the number 'max=XX' by 1 (to the total number of 'fact groups' on page Portal:Energy/Did you know) and save the page.


  • Each fact in the group must be mentioned in a Wikipedia article before it is mentioned here. Ideally it should also have a reference so that it can be followed up or verified.
  • Each fact must include links to Wikipedia articles (not stubs) - the article containing the fact should be in bold.
  • Paste the tag {{Energy portal fact}} to the talk page of each main article containing each fact.
  • Images are optional.
  • The default size for the image is 55px, but this may need adjusting for rectangular images.
  • If fewer than 8 facts are used, the template will include a blank line for each omitted fact, but will work without problems.
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