Amory B. Lovins (born in 1947) is Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a MacArthur Fellowship recipient (1993), and author and co-author of many books on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Lovins has worked professionally as an environmentalist and an advocate for a "soft energy path" for the United States and other nations. He has promoted energy-use and energy-production concepts based on conservation, efficiency, the use of renewable sources of energy, and on generation of energy at or near the site where the energy is actually used. His published works include Winning the Oil Endgame, Small is Profitable and Natural Capitalism. In the 1990s, his work with the Rocky Mountain Institute included the design of an ultra-efficient automobile, the Hypercar.

Lovins has provided expert testimony in eight countries and more than 20 US states, briefed 19 heads of state, and published 29 books. Read more...