Approaching planets might induce hazardous Earthquakes.

Extraterestrial Sources of earthquake are as follows.


Meteorite between planets are accelerated by dark matter. Approaching planets might induce earthquake on earth. Surface gravity of Earth is relativly large compared with big planet, that is, termainal velocity of meteorite on earth might be relatively high and Earthquakes instead of small craters might happen.

Density of dark matterEdit

Meteorites comes from comet, small planets and volcano of planet and sun etc. Dark matter around Approaching planets might accelerate meoteorite inbetween which make earthquake.

Gravitaional jet of planetsEdit

Serial configuration of planets have been considered as catestropic. Gravitational jet of inner planet might accelerate meoteorite inbetween which make earthquake.

Global coolingEdit

As earth cools down, pressure make eruption of volcano which is the syndrom of start of cold era.

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