Spin Jet[edit | edit source]

Spin Jet in the particle physics is a kind of Jet or parton which happen to be generated by spinning of particles. As spin based Electonics is called spintronics or magneto-electronics, Spin Jet might be called as Magneto-Jet. Example spin jets for the sun are heliospheric current sheet, solar wind etc. Spinning of earth causes prevailing winds like trade winds in the Hadley cell, westerlies in the Ferrel cell of atmosphere circulation and ring current, magnetic tail in the magnetosphere.

Astronomical importances of Spin Jet are due to the explanation of orbital eccentricity of celestial bodies like moons and planets including earth via Bernoulli's principle of Fluid mechanics. That is, Galaxy center is near when sun is far.

According to planet hypothesis of the moon, Appoaching earth have rainfall with nearing full moon.

Spin Jet causes Polar jet and Geomagnetism.

A view from the IMAGE satellite showing Earth's plasmasphere using its Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) imager instrument.

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