Pacific Princess off the U.S. West Coast.

long journey no gain at last ship problem is reached.

buoyancy (pronounced /ˈbɔɪ.ənsi/) is the upward force that keeps things afloat. The net upward buoyancy force is assumed equal to the magnitude of the weight of fluid displaced by the body. This force couldn't make ship maker stop design tank ship, container ship and cruise ship.

Water spin effect is a kind of Triboelectric effect which might reduce gravity.

Seawater[edit | edit source]

ZIM Container ship in Istanbul

Commercial crude oil supertanker AbQaiq.

Element of seawater is composed as following table .

Seawater composition (by mass) (salinity = 35)
Element Percent Element Percent
Oxygen 85.84 Sulfur 0.091
Hydrogen 10.82 Calcium 0.04
Chlorine 1.94 Potassium 0.04
Sodium 1.08 Bromine 0.0067
Magnesium 0.1292 Carbon 0.0028

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